What To Take Into Account When Choosing Outdoor Paint For A House

Painting the exterior of a house, that is, the facade, is not an easy task, because it does not only depend on your tastes or the ideas you have had so that the result is ideal for you and yours, as in the case of the interior of the house, but the external and meteorological factors have a lot to say at the time of choosing the type of exterior paint, the color, as well as the different previous works that need to be carried out in case the deterioration is very evident.

So, what are the factors to take into account when choosing exterior paint for a house? From Zaask we give you some guidelines so that the choice of outdoor painting is not a failure and end up being durable because the budget is usually high and it is convenient that the duration is long. But first we want you to know what are the types of outdoor painting:

Acrylic: depending on its weather resistance it can last between 1 and three years or, on the other hand, between 5 and eight years. The most characteristic of this outdoor painting is its easy application.

Hidropliolite offers up to 12 years of life and excellent resistance to weathering and adhesion. The best thing about this exterior painting is that it is suitable for facades that are in poor condition, in addition to being ideal for dry climates.

Siloxane: waterproof, self-cleaning with rain, anti-mold, water repellent and indicated for very humid and extreme climates, this outdoor painting offers up to 15 years of duration.

But what should be taken into account when choosing one type or another of outdoor paint?

State of the fa├žade: if the veneer is in poor condition or damaged, it is ideal to opt for a hydrophilite coating.

Climatic zone: a waterproof and anti-mold paint is the best option if the weather is stormy, while if it is boiling and dry, it is best to choose a coating that is resistant to UVA rays.

Performance: measures the square meters that the paint covers per liter, which implies less paint to a higher production of this.

Adhesion: a greater adherence implies not having to apply a previous layer necessary so that the paint does not crack, which entails a lower expenditure of time, effort and money.

It is essential, therefore, to take into account certain factors when choosing an exterior paint suitable for your facade with which to make it more durable and can cope better with weather phenomena. It is helpful to have Greeley CO painters to explain the different types of exterior paints. Would you like to find out about prices or other issues of outdoor painting professionals? Then do not hesitate to ask for the help of the best professionals in Zaask.

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